What I learned from contributing to JRuby

Last week, JRuby with Ruby 2.5 support got released :boom:. And with it, some code from me as well. This is what I learned from my contributions. Hash & Set According to the Ruby documentation, a set is a collection of unordered values with no duplicates. In Ruby 2.5, the set class got a reset method which comes handy if you change an object after inserting it to a set. To better understand the... [Read More]

Google Summer of Code 2016

It is getting colder in Germany, so it’s a time to recap Google Summer of Code 2016. This year we had six great students and in August Google announced that all of our students successfully finished their projects. What great news! All good things come to an end This year was especially exciting as we did not make it into GSoC in 2015 and therefore all of our mentors and students worked particularly hard to... [Read More]

Google Summer of Code midterm

In this years edition of Google Summer of Code, an international annual program in which stipends are awarded to students to hack on Free Software during the summer, openSUSE members are mentoring seven students who all passed their mid-term evaluation last week. Go on to read what they have to say about their first 10 weeks in the program. Ana María Martínez Gómez This year, we have three students working on the Open Source Event... [Read More]

Christian Bruckmayer

Christian Bruckmayer from Nuremberg, Germany, is member of the SUSE Build Solutions team. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of Applied Science Nuremberg. In 2014, he started his Free Software career as student of Henne in the Google Summer of Code. Since then, he is involved in hacking the Rails frontend of the Open Build Service.

If he's not hacking Ruby, he's out doing what young people do: traveling the world :airplane:, going to concerts of his favorite bands :guitar: or visiting Mom & Dad :heart:.

Projects Christian recently contributed to: